EHI: Choose and Book a ‘fiasco’, claims BMA chair

Thanks to J. Antas for this link. According to this e-Health Insider article, the UK ‘Choose and Book’ patient scheduling system is a bomb: ‘…Johnson said: �The BMA has been saying for a long time that patients are not so interested in a choice of five hospitals but they want a good service in a clean local hospital�.

He told doctors at the annual representative that Choose and Book �has been a fiasco so far because people who do not work with doctors or patients have devised a system which does not begin to understand the basis on which GPs refer and hospitals organise clinics.

�This is just a mini example of the much bigger mess that could be coming our way with Connecting for Health if the new systems are not planned with the involvement of the nurses and doctors who deliver the services to patients.�…’ Could this be a cautionary tale for the current rush to medical records software in the US?

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