U.S. Will Offer Doctors Free Electronic Records System

From today’s NYTimes:
In an unprecedented move, it said it planned to announce that it would give doctors – free of charge – software to computerize their medical practices.

It is to be vista.
What does this mean?
Is there a risk of office vista becoming the new standard?
Clearly it isn’t the only free program but it has uncle sam pushing it in the NYT. Is that enough to make it the frontrunner?

Is it as easily extended/adapted/integrated as the ones written in more common languages (e.g. OpenEMR, Freemed)?

Any prognosticators around?
I’m about to begin a Robert Wood Johnson Clincal scholars program and was hoping to implement a system and build in some quality/efficiency/safety componentry. I’m afraid I couldn’t do it with the mumps business but could with php/mysql/python etc. Any thoughts?

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