HISTalk Interview with Scott Shreeve, Medsphere Co-Founder

There is an interesting interview with Scott Shreeve, MD a Co-founder of Medsphere a company which installs and supports VistA EHR: ‘…Since Medsphere was first, we had the opportunity to gather an incredible team of ex-VA and VistA luminaries. George Timson, our Senior Architect, is viewed as the rock star of the Underground Railroad, as they called it back then. He was one of the original Hardhats, the programmers who started working on VistA in 1979. There are great stories of the intrigue and political wrangling that forced this renegade group of programmers to go underground to collaborate before the VA cried uncle in 1982 and agreed to adapt VistA as their platform of choice. George created Fileman, an incredible file management tool that�s been running 20 years and still runs great today. He wants to get this incredible legacy he created out there and loves working with us to bring it to the broader market. Lots of people want to work with him. He�s one of the most intelligent and witty people I�ve every met in my life…’

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