MirrorMed Announcement

It is time to announce MirrorMed. MirrorMed is a friendly fork of the ClearHealth project. MirrorMed will use essentially the same codebase but will have a totally separate support structure, available from SynSeer. Read on for the reason for the fork, and a list of the changes that you can expect!

Fred Trotter
MirrorMed Project Manager

I recently resigned my position as the project manager for the ClearHealth project. However, I am still interested in working on the codebase, and making a living at it. Since the name “ClearHealth” is trademark Uversa, I cannot use this without Uversa permission. As a result my new company SynSeer will be marketing the codebase as MirrorMed (a name my wife Laura came up with!!).

This is a friendly fork so I will not be taking development in a signifigantly different direction from the Uversa codebase. Having said that, I will be making small changes that I have wanted for a long time, in order to improve stability and security.

This “release” of MirrorMed is identical to 1.0RC2 of ClearHealth, except for the name change. In future releases I will no longer be shipping with a default admin password, and I will be using MD5 to obscure (note that I did not say “secure”) the user passwords. I will also be mucking about some with workflow and other changes. I have every intention of contributing all of my changes back to Uversa, so in the end this is will be an attempt to develop the same codebase using de-centralized revision control.

MirrorMed will also attempt to be more open to the community which means, perhaps, voting rights for project members, etc. etc. I hope to emulate the good things that the OpenEMR project has done in this regard. From a technical standpoint I will begin to experiment with svk for distributed development.

Fred Trotter

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