Penguin Day

Saturday, March 25th, 9am to 5pm, in downtown Seattle. Organized by Aspiration and Picnet, local partners and YOU!

Penguin Day Seattle will bring together non-profit technology staff and open source software (OSS) developers for a day of learning and conversation. We’ll demystify open source for nonprofits, frankly address the challenges of developing open source tools for non profits, and celebrate strengths and successes of open source in the nonprofit sector. Leading open source innovators, including One Northwest (Seattle) and FreeGeek (Portland) will share their stories and knowledge. If you are curious about open source software for your nonprofit organization, Penguin Days are for you! Register at .*

Penguin Day Seattle feature a packed agenda of interactive workshops, round tables, and “speed geeks.” Topics include:

* Introduction to Free and Open Source Software for Nonprofits
* Local resources and who’s-who in the Seattle Free/Open Source community
* Helping techies and non-techies communicate
* Overview of Free and Open Source desktop applications
* e-Advocacy platforms
* The Economics of Open Source: How free is “free?”
* Selecting an Open Source operating system
* Migrating your organization to Free and Open Source software
* Creative Commons and Open Content
* Speed Geek (a lively tour of projects and tools)

Since 2004, Penguin Days have been held in Philadelphia, Portland, Oregon; London, England; Toronto, Canada, Chicago, San

Francisco, New York, and Texas. Hundreds of nonprofit staff, programmers, and activists have attended Penguin Days. Penguin

Days feature humorous “speed geeks” (modeled after speed-dating) to bring programmers and organizations together to change

the world–one byte at a time.

What Are Others Saying About Penguin Days?

“Penguin Day was great – I had an excellent day – made new friends, put a lot of faces to email addresses, had a whole load

of fun – and got introduced to some new applications and distributions! Thanks again to everyone who organised the day, ran

sessions etc – it made my 4,500 mile trip worthwhile!”
Ian, from London, UK

“Penguin Days are a fantastic opportunity to get together with a wide variety of people and understand more about the issues

that surround open source. Unlike a lot of conference/gatherings, the emphasis in these is on meeting people and making

connections that you carry out of them room. And that works.
Marnie from San Francisco

“Now on to Penguin Day… Wow. For my part I was impressed by the international scope of the audience, folks from Great

Britain, Canada, Kenya, Turkey, Ghana, Chicago and all points in between. The energy was great and the range of topics on

the agenda meant there was something for everyone….suffice it to say Penguin Day set the mark against
which all other events will be measured in my mind.”
John from Chicago

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