AMIA oswg releases Open Source EHR Review

The American Medical Informatics Association Open Source Working Group is presenting Review of Open Source Electronic Health Records (EHR). This review will cover the top Open Source projects that posses Medical Practice Management, Medical Billing Software, and Electronic Health Records. To start with, three systems will be evaluated; MirrorMed/ClearHealth, FreeMED and OpenEMR.

The systems will be reviewed wiki-style by Fred Trotter and several different reviewers from the OSWG. The results will be presented at the 2006 AMIA Spring Congress
So far the installation routines have been reviewed. The OSWG will be reviewing the three projects from the following using a simple criteria. Over the course of the review, the software authors will also be allowed to update the review. In this fashion, it will be possible to incorporate not only the reviewers impression, but the authors intention in the reviews.

If you are interested in helping with or commenting on the review process, please contact Fred Trotter.

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