ICU for RHIO’s?

Health Data Management is reporting that Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) are not working: ‘…information technologies being used in the projects to exchange health data among disparate computer networks may not be compatible with each other…Most state programs have yet to actively engage a wide spectrum of stakeholders and actually begin exchanging clinical data, according to the report…’ This was predicted six months ago in a Linux Medical News editorial entitled: “RHIO’s and the Illusion of Health IT Success” with such choice lines as: ‘…RHIO’s makes disparate, local healthcare entities into mini-standards organizations. This is something they are almost always ill-prepared to do. RHIO’s will make strategic decisions (if they are able to make decisions at all) based on local politics, local needs and whatever information they can muster at the moment. Vulnerability to a good sales pitch at the time of decision can ensure a sub-optimal solution…’

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