GT.M V5.0-000D Released

GT.M is a GNU GPL licensed MUMPS compiler capable of compiling the Veterans Administration VistA software. In a nutshell, this release has bug fixes and enables the use of gcc optimization flags for better performance. K.S. Bhaskar announced on the hardhats list: ‘GT.M V5.0-000D is available at Source Forge ( This release provides timely fixes to several bugs, as noted in the release notes on the GT.M
user documentation page (’

In addition to bug fixes, GT.M source code was modified to use ANSI C stdargs.h style of variable argument list parameter passing instead of the earlier K&R C varargs.h style. This change enabled the use of optimizer flags with the gcc C compiler, reducing CPU usage by GT.M applications on the x86 GNU/Linux platform. The change is internal to GT.M and has no functional or operational impact.

As an added precaution against errors in transmission and other causes of damage to the distribution files, effective V5.0-000D, checksums are available for each file. Henceforth, please verify the checksums after downloading and before installing any GT.M distribution. If you get a
checksum error, please download the file and try again. If you get the same incorrect checksum twice in a row, please send e-mail to as soon as possible.

On UNIX/Linux platforms, use “cksum ” to compute and print the checksum.

1664741981 128233 dbcertify_V50000D_linux_i386_pro.tar.gz
2286233995 3809075 gtm_V50000D_linux_i386_pro.tar.gz
2281401696 2336842 gtm_V50000D_linux_i386_src.tar.gz

— Bhaskar

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