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The MirrorMed project and SynSeer is proud to announce the mm2mm project. mm2mm stands for Medical Manager to MirrorMed. mm2mm is a set of scripts and services designed to allow Medical Manager users to switch to MirrorMed.

SynSeer is currently alpha testing with our current clients. We are looking for beta testers who would be interested in helping us test mm2mm (in exchange for a 50% discount). If you are interested please contact Fred Trotter

Read on for specific mm2mm goals…
I am very happy to announce to mm2mm project. mm2mm stands for Medical Manager 2 MirrorMed.

My company SynSeer ( is a new iteration of a Medical Manager Dealer. We have been working for several years on an open source alternative to Medical Manager. Now we have one, MirrorMed. ( MirrorMed in its current version is a usable PM and EHR (there are several installations live). In upcoming versions it will be a carrier-grade EHR, with the features you would expect from EHRs that you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for. All of this is available under the GPL license, and is available for download at no cost.

Now that MirrorMed has reached a level of maturity that we can rely on it, we are starting the mm2mm project. mm2mm stands for Medical Manager to MirrorMed. This is a set of scripts that read and parse the medical manager files directly and export the data into MirrorMed. It is important to note that you DO NOT NEED THE REPORTING TOOL to use these scripts. They should work on any version of Medical Manager but we are focusing on later versions. The initial version of these scripts is done and we are moving forward with alpha testing with our current clients.

We are looking for beta testers for the script. Beta testers will receive a 50% discount in exchange for their help debugging the scripts. You might be interested in signing up for the beta test if you are interested in any of the following features.

1. You can migrate to MirrorMed completely, and still have your Medical Manager patient records.
2. You can use MirrorMed as your EHR and continue using Medical Manager as your practice management system. MirrorMed can do most of what is needed to run a “paperless” office, but you do not have to retrain your scheduling and billing staff.
3. You can use mm2mm as a reporting engine. As a middle step, the Medical Manager files are converted to a SQL database, so you can use any SQL reporting tool, (including one that we provide) to get reports directly from Medical Manager.
4. You can use FreeB as billing engine for Medical Manager.

At this point we are looking for people who do not need to be “sold” on open source. We would prefer that our beta testers have some understanding of the open source process and the benefits. If think you might be interested, but are not familiar with this model, please visit which is a site devoted to the benifits of GPL software in medicine.

If you are interested please contact me directly through

Fred Trotter

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