Fred Trotters Session at LinuxWorld

I will be moderating the “Who is doing what” session in Free and Open Source Healthcare Software at this years OSDL sponsored Healthcare day at LinuxWorld . If you would like me to mention your project or efforts in FOSS medicine, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Take a good look at the schedule and you will see that this conference could be very important. Besides the important involvement of OSDL itself, the keynote will be given by MedSphere’s Ken Kizer, and other FOSS heavy hitters will hopefully be speaking including Will Ross, Joseph Dal Molin and K.S. Bhaskar. Along with these FOSS revolutionaries important folk from the likes of IBM, Intel, Bull and McKesson will be attending. If you want to get connected in FOSS Health Software this is the place to be.

Fred Trotter
MirrorMed Project Manager
SynSeer Consultant

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