Free Medical Records Management software that really works? It’s eleMental!

Portland, Oregon-based technology company OpenSourcery is rapidly gaining substantial recognition for its quality open source development work. On August 15, 2006 OpenSourcery will unveil its eleMental Clinic 3.4, a free medical records management system, to an international audience at Linux World. Currently in active use across multiple mental health clinic sites, this notably stable system was designed to keep large and small clinics productive.

This year’s Linux World, a renowned open source software conference, is featuring a �Health Care Day� for the first time, using the tag line: �Opening Up Healthcare – How Open Source Software, Standards and Solutions are Changing the Healthcare Industry.� Health Care Day will take place this month in San Francisco featuring Brian Jamison, CEO of OpenSourcery.

The end result of several years of development work and collaboration among OpenSourcery, Free Geek, Meyer Memorial Trust, Homestreet-Banyan Tree, Inc., and others, eleMental Clinic meets numerous clinic demands for medical records management. eleMental clinic is easily customizable, HIPAA compliant, and cross-platform, with clinicians using eleMental Clinic from ordinary web browsers. Go to the eleMental Clinic demo at and see for yourself. Specific features include: complete patient tracking from intake to discharge including demographics, placement (with level of care designation), progress notes, full assessments and diagnosis history, treatments plan detail, comprehensive reports, personnel tracking and much more. Practice specific details such as billing codes, diagnostic codes, templates, medications, level of care, etc. have fully flexible, customizable fields.

General medical clinics, in addition to mental health clinics, are beginning to use eleMental clinic, even though it was initially designed specifically to meet the needs of mental health clinics. As with all things open source, this program is continually improving and evolving to meet an ever broader core base of organizational users. For more information about eleMental Clinic contact

To register for Health Care day at Linux World go to: .

For more information about eleMental clinic, go to or e-mail for questions regarding support, training, data migration and consultation regarding this free medical records management program.

About OpenSourcery: Based in Portland, Oregon, OpenSourcery provides networking, programming, and maintenance services for non-profits and sustainable business. See:

About Linux World: From August 14-16, 2006 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the Linux World Conference and Expo will feature more than 100 sessions led by the best instructors in the business in tracks focusing on the most important themes in Linux and open source. See: .

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