OpenEMR forked?

Apparently PossiblityForge has decided to borrow the OpenEMR name. PossiblityForge now owns At the recent SCALE Open Source HealthCare Summit Matthew Excell, CEO of PossibilityForge announced that, amoung other things, OpenEMR was moving to Java. This surprised me as uncharacteristic of the OpenEMR community and the previous OpenEMR direction.

Everything became clear when I contacted the OpenEMR community through here is part of the response I got back.

The PossibilityForge has created a new product that they want to market using the the OpenEMR name. The current OpenEMR project at SourceForge has no intention of moving to Java….What PossibilityForge plans to release is not �the next version� of OpenEMR but a separate product that is being developed behind closed doors with no attempt at openess.

You heard it here first.

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