LiU Archetype Editor Release(Java based)

Those interested in the openEHR archetype approach but who have been missing a platform independent editor might like this announcement:

The LiU Archetype Editor, version 0.5.2, by the Medical Informatics group at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Link�ping University in Sweden has now been released for public download at

This release is historical in the sense that the ongoing harmonisation among different openEHR specification and tool authors has reached a point where the tools are compatible. The official openEHR clinical archetypes at are now in line with the 1.0.1 specifications and all tools.

The editor is built using the Java platform available for most operating systems, meaning that e.g. Mac and Linux users now easier can participate in the global effort of archetype authoring.

Download links for the editor and more information can be found at

Software developers interested in this open source project can find more information at the link above and at

The team especially wants to thank:

  • The initial developers Mattias Forss and Johan Hjalmarson who started the editor development during a master thesis project here. They now have finished their education and found other jobs. We are grateful that Mattias is still very active in the editor development on a voluntary basis.
  • Rong Chen that has given continuous support by developing and maintaining openEHR Java components used in the editor.
  • Semantic Interoperability and Data Mining in Biomedicine (EU NoE 507505) a.k.a. SemantincMining for financial support,
  • The medical informatics teams at University of Manchester (UK), INSERM (FR) and University College London (UK) for valuable ideas and contributions.
  • The openEHR community, it’s founders and all editor users that have provided feedback.

Best regards,
the LiU team through Erik Sundvall

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