MirrorMed + CK-ERP Demo

I have just completed a preliminary version of MirrorMed with a CK-ERP connector. CK-ERP is a CRM/ERP/MRP/accounting system, MirrorMed is a Practice Management system based on ClearHealth. A demo of CK-ERP operating within MirrorMed 1.0RC3 is available here. At the same time, it is important to note that,

  • There is no integration of MirrorMed and CK-ERP at database level and/or processing logic level. Developers familiar with OpenEMR + SQL-Ledger integration may produce a better result than I do.
  • I am not familiar with HIPAA and/or other medical IT rules and regulations, so I am not sure if the (MirrorMed + CK-ERP) environment would or would not breach any such rules/regulations. However, I would welcome any feedback on any potential problem in this regard. As usual, any criticism, feedback, comment, suggestions are most welcome.PS – Initially, I was trying to post this message to MirrorMed.org’s forum. However, the forum is closed to new user registration, so it appears linuxmednews is the next most appropriate venue to post this message. If, this message contravenes linuxmednews’ editoral policy, I offer my most sincere apology and please delete this message as you think fit.

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