ClearHealth 2.0 Developer Preview Demo

After more than a year of active design and development ClearHealth 2.0 is about to lift off. A developer preview demonstration is available at but please note that it is a BETA pre-release edition of CH 2.0 undoubtedly with some rough edges remaining to be fixed.

There will be a June 14th webex call to walk through the new features so please stay tuned for that information on our forums.

More details on new features in body.

There are many major feature enhancements including:

1) EMR Critical Palette to track Allergies, Medications, Self Management Goals, Treatment Codes, Immunizations and more

2) SOAP Based encounter form

3) Substantially more customization features to manage interactive forms

4) Many dynamic screen enhancements (AJAX) to improve usability.

5) Comprehensive case and referral logistics management (on dev demo next week)

6) Performance and scalability improvements

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