PR: Open Source Stack Delivers The Most Affordable EMR

Open Source Tools provide an extremely powerful and affordable foundation for CCHIT certified ambulatory electronic medical record and practice management system development. Combining these tools with the Sofware as a Service (SaaS) delivery model makes now allows for advanced EMR and Practice Management tools to be delivered to the physician’s desktop through thte Internet at extremely affordable prices. Waiting Room Solutions is built on the LAMP stack architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). With service prices starting as low as $149/physician/month, it is hard to find a more cost-effective, affordable solution.


Be a High Tech Doctor.
Advances in medical
are changing the face of healthcare.  The
history of medicine
is constantly being rewritten thanks to online
medical websites
.   If you’re not using electronic
med records
yet, then it’s time to cross the digital divide.

?  You owe it to yourself and your patients to
make the switch.

Waiting Room Solutions Version 3.0 is a CCHIT certified EMR and Practice Management system. It was completely built on open source technologies of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Without the extra costs of paying expensive Microsoft or third party licensing fees, this service can be offered to the physician’s office through the Internet in the SaaS model at an extremely affordable price.

The drawback for many physicians hosting their own open source EMR solutions, has been the cost of set up and maintenance. With few service options available for most open source systems, the total cost of ownership can become as expensive as off the shelf software purchased from major vendors. By providing software packages in the ASP or SaaS model, Open Source brings new econonies to the physician practice management system market and brings it in reach of most practices.

Waiting Room Solutions version 3.0 has achieved CCHIT certification and has all the functionality of the on premises software packages. Modules include EMR, billing, scheduling, document management, ERx, order tracking, website, personal health records and patient messaging. With an integrated Enterprise level suite of offerings all of the practices needs can be managed in one software package.

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