Open Source Healthcare Information System PatientOS version 0.12 released

PatientOS is an open source healthcare information system physicians, nursing, pharmacy, laboratory and ultimately all departments in a hospital, physician practice, or any other healthcare facility. Version 0.12 adds the foundation code to support the creation and maintenance of a formulary. Pharmacists can create medications, and associate rules for dose checking. Medications may be created defining dose and dispense details to build the formulary.

Order templates can be created which default all the necessary fields for safe medication orders. Sample source code is available to demonstrate a custom import from an external formulary source.

Version 0.12 has added a lot of infrastructure to development process, including automated test cases, user documentation. Videos are available to show how easy the installation is on windows or linux.

For more information visit The timeline for 1.0 is Halloween 2008. Join the forum at

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