PatientOS LinuxMedNews Update

The next release of PatientOS is being refocused to focus on specific ambulatory clinic or Physician practice workflows that can be completed end-to-end. To that goal I have an initial use case to share:

If you are interested in adding your own use case that you believe would be beneficial for a first release of PatientOS you can do it on the wiki

The development environment is underway to

a) Pre-configure an online developer environment using terminal services

b) Create instructions on how to replicate the development environment

The reason the development environment is non trivial is that I use a fair amount of code generation to

i) automate the creation of the java objects (com.patientis.model…)

ii) generate the Hibernate XML to map the objects to the database.

iii) generate the underlying code to bind objects to forms.

iv) generate the reference values in the source to ensure reference values are correct.

I wrote the code generation using Ruby Rails backed by a MySQL database though the data model is read from the local PostgreSQL database.

I can update the database and then it regenerates the

com.patientis.model.* and
com.patientis.model.common.ModelReference and
com.patientis.model.reference.* It only replaces the file if there are differences.

So the instructions have several technologies but the net effect is the ability to change the datamodel relatively quickly.

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