Medsphere Consultant Speaks Out

Apparently, Joel West has just heard about the Medsphere vs. Shreeve settlement. He is apparently no longer dreading a subpoena. (I was actually looking forward to it myself…) He is notably critical of the VC firms involved. From the article: …Even if the lawsuit is over, IMHO this sordid mess leaves the VCs with a permanent black mark. From 2002-2006, they invested $12 million in a company whose strategy was always to release open source, and then they wholeheartedly backed the decision both to fire the officers who released open source and to sue them. Were the investors (Azure Capital, Thomas Weisel, Wasatch) incompetent in not knowing what an “open source company” meant? Did they panic when deployments ran behind schedule? Were they duplicitous? All of the above?

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