OpenClinica 2.2 Provides Enhanced Features for Popular Open Source Electronic Data Capture Software

OpenClinica version 2.2 is now available for download. Full press release after the Read More break.

(Cambridge, MA) December 18th, 2007 – Akaza Research announces a new production release of the OpenClinica clinical research software designed for electronic data capture and clinical data management. This new release provides a long list of enhancements across numerous areas of the software. Highlights include:

  • New CRF functions such as repeating items and item groups
  • Improved CRF layout and design capabilities
  • Ability to easily extract more types of data from a study
  • Internationalization/localization layer that allows the software to be run in any language and character set (a complete Spanish translation is now provided with the core open source download).
  • Improved support for repeating events and study event management
  • Full study audit report
  • Move to SVN/Maven development environment
  • caDSR integration
  • Improved support for multi-site studies
  • Discrepancy/query filtering

OpenClinica 2.2 is available for download at

About OpenClinica�

OpenClinica is open source web-based Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software for clinical research and clinical trials. It facilitates protocol configuration, design of case report forms, clinical data capture, and clinical data management. OpenClinica supports HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines and is designed as a lightweight, standards-based, extensible, and modular platform. All versions of OpenClinica are available for download at

About Akaza Research�

Akaza Research, the leading provider of open source clinical research software, is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Akaza has developed and commercialized OpenClinica, the preeminent open source clinical trial data capture and management software platform. Akaza brings Open Source Software (OSS) into the mainstream of the clinical research enterprise by making robust, flexible, standards-based systems accessible for private and public research. Akaza Research provides OpenClinica support, training, and consulting services to its customers worldwide. See

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