Open Source Fights Measles

According to this article: “The Washington Post on Friday reported that global measles fatalities had been reduced by two-thirds following stepped-up vaccination campaigns since 2000. Furthermore, this phenomenal success had a helping hand from open source software. Coverage of these measles vaccination campaigns has been carried out using pocket computers running an open-source program, EpiSurveyor, developed by a Washington-based nonprofit, DataDyne…”

A Message to Mike Doyle

Dear LinuxMedNews,

Recently, to my delight, Medsphere stopped suing community members Steve and Scott Shreeve. However, they have not done everything that Eric Raymond and I originally asked them to do. The one outstanding thing is to re-release the JUMPS sourcecode. So far Medsphere has not replied to the numerous emails that I have sent regarding this issue. Technically, I could be the victim of a very aggressive SPAM filter. So I am putting out a public request for Medsphere CEO Mike Doyle to contact me regarding JUMPS via Also, if another FOSS health community member is getting through to Medsphere regarding the release of JUMPS, please feel free to contact me in the same manner.

Fred Trotter

Outing Patient OS

Dear LinuxMedNews,

Recently it has come to my attention that the PatientOS project has been representing itself here, and in other public forums, as a legitimate FOSS EHR project. In fact, Patient OS is attempting to fracture the FOSS EHR developer community. I have written an article on why I believe this is the case, including what I mean by a “legitimate project” entitled, FOSS Sin: Pointless Duplication of Effort.