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Houston The Place to Be Late September, Early October

Wow, Houston Texas looks like it will be a hotbed of Health IT activities end of September early October. Astronaut VistA training, AMIA CMIO, Open Source Health Conference and Texas Health IT Summit. In chronologic order:

Astronaut VistA training September 25th-26th

AMIA CMIO boot camp Sept 29th-October 2nd

Open Source Health Conference September 29th-30th

Texas Health IT Summit September 30th-October 2nd

Statistical Bias

This article is yet another example of pervasive proprietary EHR statistical bias.

The linked article excludes an enormous segment: Veterans Affairs VistA, its close cousin IHS RPMS and its increasing number of private sector deployments. There are approximately 1,000 VA outpatient clinics and many more Indian Health Service outpatient clinics as well as more and more private sector deployments. Not counting them or pretending that they don’t exist gives an inaccurate view.

8th National Medical Banking Institute Call For Papers

The 8th National Medical Banking Institute is an exciting cross-industry educational forum for the banking and healthcare communities. At the Institute, we explore how banks are improving healthcare by reducing costs and increasing access and the quality of healthcare.

The International Journal of Medical Banking (http://www.mbproject.org/journal) is intended to educate commerce, government and academia about medical banking principles and technologies.

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CONNECT open source software gateway

CONNECT is an open source software gateway that connects an organizations health IT systems into health information exchanges using Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) conventions, agreements and cores services to better serve patients throughtout the country. Built through collaboration of more than 20 federal agencies, the CONNECT gateway can help organizations reap the benefits of health information exchange with other healthcare institutions nationwide.

Live from FOSSHealth in Houston Texas

We are live from the FOSSHealth conference in Houston, schedule here. Bill Vass of Sun (still not Oracle yet he confirms) NHIN CONNECT Efforts is talking about the difference between FOSS and proprietary in which RSA was openly and rigorously examined by experts and remains quite secure except for brute force methods, while the the closed proprietary Clipper chip was not and was broken within 48 hours…competition for support occurs with FOSS licensing whereas proprietary vendors can sit back and say hmmm, how much to have an America’s Cup entry this year?… More after the break.