Open Source Developer Open House This Weekend in Seattle


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If you are reading this message and you are in the Seattle area, you are welcome to attend Cognition Group’s first ever Open Source Development Open House. The open house is being held for open source developers and companies that use open source to gather and collaborate on projects, discuss work opportunities, and strategize about open source. While most open source groups focus on making a statement about the evils of proprietary software, this open house will focus on how developers can band together and work on projects and how to involve companies of any size in the work.

This first open house will be held to kick-off the development group, and subsequent meetings will be held at least once monthly to allow people to meet and work on their projects in a creative setting.

Here’s what you’ll do at the open house:

Learn about getting support for your open source projects.

Meet other open source developers who want to meet up to
collaborate on projects.

Meet people who can give you work.

Learn about Cognition’s open source developer collective.

Participate in a raffle (optional) for two tickets to Seattle’s
IMAX theater

Listen to special guest Tom Brophy, an internal senior
recruiting coordinator (internal recruiter) for Avenue-A

You should go if you are:

an Open Source developer
working at a company that uses Open Source
a student
an IT project manager
a legal professional dealing with open source licensing and
branding issues
looking for work as a developer

Where it’s taking place:
The Seattle Actors Theater

140 Western Avenue West
Seattle, WA

When it’s happening:
Saturday, January 19, 2008
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Why is this happening:
Because everyone needs open source, and developers need a place
to collaborate.

How it’s getting done:
This event is organized and made available to the public by
Cognition Group, Inc., an open source development firm.

Cognition’s Open Source Developer’s open house will be held monthly.
Future dates are yet to be announced.

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