PatientOS v0.40 Lab Results, Portal and Email. open source and free EMR adds laboratory results inbound, a result viewer, and a demonstration of how a Patient Portal can be integrated.

Version 0.40 also adds basic communication orders, automated emails, and batch job scheduling.

Screenshots and video is available.

PatientOS is a free EMR system for physician offices and clinics. The system is designed to scale and evolve to be a fully fledged healthcare information system for hospitals.

Version 0.40 adds an HL7 laboratory result inbound interface (ORU^R01). The messages match on the Patient by identifier (e.g. MRN) and post the Orders (OBR) and multiple results (OBX) into the patients chart.

A basic result viewer has been added to the chart. Similar to scheduling it is designed for plug-in to control the retrieval and rendering of the lab results to allow for precision control of the display.

PatientOS version 0.40 includes a demonstration web based Patient Portal. Patients can login and submit a progress form which is filed into their chart. The portal account can be created for the patient in the registration view. The portal is implemented using struts and shows how the service facade provided by the J2EE application server enterprise java beans can be accessed from a remote web server.

The patients chart includes a Flowsheet tab which displays the discrete details submitted via the Patient Portal. There is no limit on the number of data points that can be captured and displayed.

The LOINC database of lab tests has been uploaded along adding some standardized functionality to upload CSV files into target tables.

Basic communication orders can be created. The patient chart includes an orders tab which can add, sign, complete or cancel the order.

An email service has been added to allow the composition of text or HTML emails.

A Batch Scheduler has been created. Batch Jobs can be defined and executed at scheduled times. Scheduling is similar to CRON. Batch Jobs are scripts written in Javascript which can directly access the models and services. An example script which queries for the state of an order on the patient and sends an email can be found in JIRA


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