ClearHealth Community Call, March 6th, 12:00pm pacific

The next ClearHealth Community Call will take place March 6th at 12:00pm pacific time. The primary topic of the call will be a close up look at the new features in version 2.2 including PDF Forms/Report features and brief tutorial, brief Introduction to ClearHealth API Services BETA, Graphing features, using alert reports and RSS. There will be a few minutes for general questions and comments. The call in number is: (641) 715-3200 then 621076#, dimdim to provide a shared desktop for users on Windows, Linux or OSX *see body).

Hope to have you there. We expect to be doing these a lot more regularly now.

Special thanks to the folks at DimDim, the open source web meeting platform. They have courteously allowed us to try out their beta for our call which includes support for Linux/OSX firefox users which the Webex we have been using does not.

The link to see the shared desktop is (you must have a recent version of Flash installed, version 9+. For Linux/OSX you must have firefox installed): .action? da-102b-9e72-0030489444da

The desktop will be available for 10 minutes prior to the official start for folks to test.

The call in number is: (641) 715-3200 then 621076#

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