Open Source Powers 1 of 9 Elite Stage 6 Hospitals

Midland Memorial Hospital is recognized as one of 9 US Hospitals to achieve Stage 6 adoption of Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model.

In a story that received little recognition from the press, Midland Memorial Hospital was one of nine hospitals to achieve a level six of the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) established by HIMSS Analytics. Midland, of course, is most well known for being the first commercial hospital to implement the much recognized VistA Electronic Health Record. Having convinced Midland to purchase this system, and having assembled an incredible group of talented people to perform what many considered impossible, I think those involved should have a wonderful sense of pride and achievement. Equally important, was the foresight and leadership of David Whiles, Director of Information Systems, and his supportive Chief Executive Officer, Russell Meyers who took a chance on a unproven company with a very proven system.

I am grateful, and humbled, to acknowledge their impressive achievement. Best wishes to Midland in becoming the first Stage 7 EMRAM hospital in the United States powered by the most impressive and potentially impactful system in existence.

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