Alesha Adamson Accepts Misys Director of Open Source Solutions – Healthcare

From Tim Elwell of Misys: “I just wanted to go ‘on the record’ and thank this Community (and Fred Trotter in particular) for the pointer to a great OS find. Her name is Alesha Adamson and her first day with Misys was Aug. 4. We are still looking for some open source developers (see my previous posts) so if you know of anyone, please pass a pointer along to me at Here’s a blurb on Alesha who has GREAT HIE and healthcare credentials along with real healthcare OS experience in implementation. Please welcome Alesha Adamson to my team as director of Open Source Solutions – Healthcare. Alesha will be assisting me on strategy and roadmap development, creating a network to promote the exchange of health information across various communities, and further developing an open source community to support our HIE initiatives.Alesha joins us from the University of Texas Health Science Center, where she served as the chief of health informatics integration. In this role, she focused on governance structures to facilitate the sharing of clinical and research data, and developed approaches for informatics standards. She also created a successful open source health information exchange for the Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA). Alesha’s healthcare and technical background includes serving as director of technology at HASA, informaticist and HIPAA expert with Oregon Health and Sciences University and a 3-year stint in the Oregon Army National Guard. She has published various policy and technical papers on interoperability and open source and is teaching graduate-level technical courses. She has also worked with state and federal governments to accelerate adoption of health information infrastructures. She was recently named by Texas Governor Rick Perry to the Board of Directors for the Texas Health Services Authority. Alesha earned her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science from Portland State University, a NSA Center of Excellence.”

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