7th National Medical Banking Institute National Call for White Papers

The editorial staff of the International Journal of Medical Banking is seeking white papers in the following areas: Open source healthcare programs linking banking and healthcare systems; Information privacy, confidentiality and security that focuses on cross-industry issues in banking and healthcare; Treasury and cash management programs targeting healthcare; Card-based platforms and technologies that link healthcare and banking platforms; Independent Health Record Banks; Consumer-driven healthcare technology tools that integrate with banking platforms; Point of service technologies that enable payment at the counter; Community coalition building.

The 7th National Medical Banking Institute is an exciting cross-industry educational forum for the banking and healthcare communities. At the Institute, we explore how banks are improving healthcare by reducing costs and increasing access and the quality of healthcare.

The International Journal of Medical Banking is intended to educate commerce, government and academia about medical banking principles and technologies.

The white papers should be double-spaced pages and include an abstract, list of milestones and/or deliverables if applicable and the significance of the work. Submission must be in electronic format (MS Word) and submitted to info@mbproject.org. White papers that describe a commercial product or service will not be accepted. The editorial staff is seeking white papers that address relevant industry issues.

White papers will be evaluated for inclusion in the 2009 Institute Agenda.

Based on your white paper, the Institute Committee may ask you to submit a Speaker Proposal for a presentation at the 2009 Institute. Presentations will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Well-defined and realistic session objectives
Content that is current, relevant and practical
Completeness, accuracy and appearance of the presentation

Submittal Deadline: October 15, 2008

You will be notified of the disposition of your white paper. For questions please contact our offices at (615) 794-2009 or email info@mbproject.org. http://www.mbproject.org/7mbi2009_whitepapers.php

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