Open Source Healthcare Leaders Organize Conference, Call for Papers

Healthcare’s leading Open Source companies are partnering to present the Third Annual Demonstrating Open-Source Healthcare Solutions (DOHCS) conference on February 20, 2009, at the Los Angeles Westin LAX. Through the combined efforts of ClearHealth, Medsphere (OpenVista), Akaza Research (OpenClinica) and WebReach (Mirth), DOHCS will complement the Southern California Linux Exposition (SCALE) held at the same location on February 21 and 22.

The organizers of this year’s DOHCS conference issued a call for papers on September 1, available on the DOHCS website at This year, organizers have a particular interest in site success stories, new developments in Open Source, and community driven projects. If you have an affiliation with or interest in Open Source and healthcare, please join us and share your personal insight and experience.

The previous success of DOHCS demonstrates that this is a premier event for healthcare providers, administrators and IT specialists, promising a broad overview of topics related to Open Source in healthcare.

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