You, Your EMR, and the 2009 Stimulus seminar announced by OpenEMR HQ

OpenEMR HQ, a small open source medical records company in NE Oklahoma, will be conducting a 30 minute online presentation called “The 2009 Economic Stimulus Package: What it means to you and your EMR” on Friday, March 6th, and 6:00pm EST. More information after the break.

The session, which will be free of charge, will discuss issues surrounding the healthcare IT provisions contained in the new package and how providers wanting to utilize that money to implement a qualified EMR system can cut through the red tape and go straight to the money.

“It’s like a gorilla grant crash course on the stimulus”, said Anthony Papillion, CEO of OpenEMR HQ, “The stimulus is confusing a lot of providers and we’re working to make sure everyone understands what they need to do to effectively manage the process within their organizations”.

The 2009 stimulus package, which totals over $800 billion dollars, contains nearly $20 billion dollars on healthcare IT related spending, much of it going towards an effort to move the nation to electronic medical records.

While the presentation is free, registration is required. You can do so by calling OpenEMR HQ at (918) 919-4624 or visiting the registration website at

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