Health 2.0 October 6-7, 2009 – San Francisco

It’s officially summer and there’s a lot happening behind the scenes at Health 2.0 as we prepare for our biggest event yet! Our annual San Francisco Fall Conference will be held on October 6th and 7th at the Concourse Exhibition Center. Just two years after its first conference, Health 2.0 has become the must-see showcase for consumers and providers’ use of new web and mobile tools in health care, and the venue where new products are launched, new concepts are developed and new movements are built.

Now taking submissions for Launch! Launch! is one of the most popular sessions at Health 2.0. Attendees get a rapid-fire preview of the latest, most exciting product and company introductions in healthcare. Do you have a brand new product that you’d like to unveil to the Health 2.0 community in October 2009? Then we want to hear from you, please submit our speaker request form, and note that you’d like to be considered for Launch!

With nearly a hundred speakers and plenty of new healthcare demos and technologies on display on stage and in the exhibit hall, you’ll get a sweeping overview of the ways that information technology and the web are changing healthcare.

We’ll be looking at the “traditional” Health 2.0 areas like vertical search, online social networks, and tools for consumers. We will also be focusing on how new technologies are connecting patients and physicians and we’ll take a close look at the real-world impact of Health 2.0 tools on patients lives.

Here’s an UPDATED overview of the sometimes controversial, always engaging content you’ll see!

The Consumer Aggregators are back – Hear the latest from WebMD, Google Health and Microsoft. Look out for interesting additions on the “Aggregators” panel.

Data Drives Decisions: discover how Health 2.0 is changing clinical research and clinical decision making. We’ll have a panel with leading exponents showing how Health 2.0 observational data is being integrated with emerging clinical data sets.

“Cats vs. Dogs” – You might have read Matthew Holt’s piece on different philosophies and approaches to health IT reform and health data transmission. Discover how [or if!] the consumer’s role will be integrated in “meaningful use”, what the underlying issues are and why all of it matters from a star studded panel of entrepreneurs and policy makers.

Clinical Groupware and the next generation of clinician-patient interaction tools. Remote care, virtual visits, online diagnostic tools – find out how lightweight, emerging technologies are transforming clinician-clinician as well as clinician-patient interactions.

The Patient is In – Hear directly from epatients and patient advocates about the role of technology in living with a health condition and both the successes and challenges in making the healthcare system more consumer-centric. This panel will include a unique video project looking at the impact of Health 2.0 tools and communities on patient outcomes.

Health Plans and Health 2.0 – Hear about novel offerings from health plans who are making strides in engaging consumers. Is it working? How will policy impact the role of commercial plans moving forward?

Here are just a few of the great speakers you will hear from…

Keynote speaker: Aneesh Chopra (Invited). Speakers: Chris Schroeder (Health Central), Jeff Goldsmith (Health Futures Inc.), Alexandra Drane (Eliza), Adam Bosworth (Keas), Gilles Frydman (ACOR), Peter Neupert (Microsoft), Wayne Gattinella (WebMD), Sameer Samat (Google Health), Jay Parkinson (Hello Health), Roy Schoenberg (American Well), Jonathan Bush (AthenaHealth), David Kibbe (AAFP), Jane Sarasohn-Kahn (ThinkHealth), Brian Klepper (Health 2.0 Advisors), Matthew Holt (Health 2.0), Indu Subaiya (Health 2.0).

…we will also be having great breakout panels on Gaming, Search, Content & International uses of Health 2.0

Casting Call for Health 2.0 User Challenge: Health 2.0 is working on a new documentary focusing on the user experience and outcomes of patients using Health 2.0 tools and techniques to manage their health. We are currently looking for patients and Health 2.0 companies to participate in this exciting project. For more information click here.

We’ll also be announcing details on Interviews with 3 CEOs, and a line-up of companies in the “Tools” panel who will showcase what they’ve accomplished working with the Health 2.0 Accelerator.

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