OpenEMR HQ to hold monthly product walkthrough

OpenEMR HQ, a consulting company focused on the popular open source OpenEMR EMR application, will present the first of a series of monthly product walkthroughs on Friday, July 24th, 2009 at 6:00pm EDT. The company said, in a statement released yesterday, that it had been receiving a lot of questions about the product and those questions showed a good bit of confusion around the software

“OpenEMR is a fantastic product”, said CEO Anthony Papillion, “but there seems to be a good bit of confusion in the market about its capabilities and how it can integrate well into a small to mid-sized practice”.

Papillion said he also believes that much of the confusion is caused by large vendors who cast dispersion on the use of open source medical applications. “Many of our potential customers come to us with a lot of misconceptions. They believe using something like OpenEMR increases their chances of getting sued or a security breach because they aren’t aware of a lot of the checks and balances built into the software to assure security and stability”.

The walkthrough will be held via the DimDim web meeting service and is free to attend.

Interested parties can find out more or register at or by calling the company at (918) 919-4624

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