GNUmed 0.6.0 released


I’m glad to announce GNUmed 0.6.0. It’s happened.

The big improvements are

– LaTeX based letter writing
– medication handling

The full list of changes:


– can promote an episode to being a health issue
– can add home phone/external ID to newly created patient directly
– can track diagnostic certainty classification (ABCD) on episodes and issues
– can track procedures performed on a patient
– can do end user friendly free-text search across all EMRs
– can move all progress notes of a pre-selected list of encounters to another episode
– can manage provinces
– can manage substance intake
– can print medication list
– can print LaTeX as well as OOo letters
– referral letter template contributed by Rogerio Luz and James Busser
– can interface with German “MMI/Gelbe Liste” external drug database
– show info on drug/substance by PZN / name
– show interactions
– import drugs/substances
– can display UI in Polish and a few other languages (all partially)
– can include potential problems in problem list of soap plugin
– can remove DOB from person

– improved (more) placeholders
– gender to re placement mapper
– medication list
– allergies list
– problems list
– improved inbox

– improved tarballs: include schema/API docs, better names
– improved import path detection

Get your copy here:

Yes, this will require you to upgrade your existing v11
databases by

./ 11 12

These scripts can help:

Please enjoy and report bugs !

Sebastian Hilbert
on behalf of the GNUmed team

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