Concerted effort for a GNU/Linux distribution for the medical profession

Hi all,

There is one thing most of us have in common. It is the wish or goal to create a computer operating system tailored to the needs of medical professionals , biochemists physiotherapists and many more.

We all like free software. Recently a number of groups have formed to tackle the same problem.
There is

– the Fedora special interest group
– the openSUSE medical group
– the Debian-med group
– the linuxforclinics project

While diversification is natural it splits resources as well. As a software developer and release manager for GNUmed I kindly ask anyone active in these groups to stand together and get it started.

As a first project I propose work on the distribution independent artwork.
Please create

a) a boot splash screen that looks adequate for a business, healthcare setting
b) a wallpaper that reflect the healthcare setting (please no red cross and if possible no people in white coats or the like) Be creative.

If you can please get artwork communities involved. Post to their forums. Make the aware of the effort. Thanks.

As for the infrastructure:
I know that Debian-med has a subversion repository which could host such things. I recommend agianst starting another mailing list just yet. There is one each for all projects already.

As Andreas from Debian med put it. The goal is to refrain from starting yet another distribution but instead be better then what is there so your work will be the natural choice.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Sebastian Hilbert
GNUmed team

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