GNUmed job openings – what it takes to run a free software project

Choice is good. Having many software packages for the same job to choose from is great. Every now and then someone pops up and announces a new EMR project because the currently available one just don’t cut it. The GNUmed project has been around for a while and would like to offer some hints on what it takes to run a free software EMR project. Here are some job descriptions a company would have to post when starting from scratch.
GNUmed public relations manager

GNUmed wiki manager

GNUmed system admin

GNUmed release manager GNUmed webinterface developer

GNUmed medical user interface designer

GNUmed application developers

GNUmed application documentation manager

GNUmed application testing specialist

GNUmed application support specialist

GNUmed translator

For the full description of each job head over to

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