GNUmed – from desktop to web application

In the FOSS world there is choice. There are desktop oriented applications and web based applications. There is however no EMR application which offers both – at the same time. This is because the desktop and the web a fundamentally different – only the user stays the same. GNUmed is attempting to offer what has not been offered before. A desktop app like it has for many years and a web based application – all sharing a common code base without any compromises in terms of security.

This is not as easy as it sounds. If you would like to know how to tackle issues like a stateless web, PosgreSQL security based on roles instead of database tables read on.

Web interface technical considerations

Web interfaces – what is out there

A proof of concept web application is provided done in pyjamas (GWT ported to python, python to Javascript compiler)

GNUmed web interface – demo

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