GNU Health 1.4.3 released

GNU Solidario is happy to announce the release of Health 1.4.3. This version contains many enhancements and fixes. Check at the end of this article for some important links.
As a summary :

– Improved menus, icons and navigation

– Integrate neonatology and PSC (Pediatric Symptoms Checklist ) in a new Pediatrics menu

– Now we can refer to the patient using directly the social security number, in addition to the internal health center ID

– Add product categories for Insurance plans

– Create initial admin rights for the main modules

– Create a .mo template for each module, so we can update the transifex source language (only in the tar.gz distribution)

– Added patient lastname in the party tree view

– Include in the translation project in transifex many data files (
occupations, drugs, ICD-10, … ) that before they were created as a
separated file. Now these particular fields can be translated. Removed
the old files containing language-specific terms.

– Improved patient medication history

– Add patient lastname to summary of appointment event calendar

– Updated Database demo environment (with Proteus). Fixed bugs and use
the health profile module.

For more detailed information, please check the Changelog at :
About GNU Health
GNU Health is a free (GPL v3+ license), Health and Hospital Information System that provides the following functionality :
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Hospital Information System (HIS)

Health Information System
GNU Health is an official GNU Package and is part of GNU Solidario.
GNU Solidario is a NGO that delivers education and health to emerging economies with free software.
GNU Health is the Hospital Information System chosen by the United Nations International Institute of Global Health.
Main site :
Governments hosting GNU Health through their portals :

European Commission (EU) ,

OSOR Brazil: Portal do Software Público Brasileiro (SPB)

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