Stand Up Workstation

Living a sedentary life in front of a sit down type computer workstation is an occupational hazard. It definitely statistically shortens your life. As a software engineer weird back aches belly bulge and other minor health problems despite much exercise have been a chronic problem for me. After thirty years of sitting at a workstation, I have finally changed to a stand up workstation to safeguard my health. It came about almost by accident when I purchased a used steel file cabinet.

The kind that last forever. It is probably called by the filing cabinet industry a ‘four drawer lateral file with posting shelf.’ See photo. It turns out that the posting shelf is nice and wide for a keyboard and mouse and the top is the perfect height for a display. It also doubles of course as a filing cabinet.



Four drawer lateral with posting shelf
Four drawer lateral with posting shelf.


I picked this up used locally for $75. Within days my posture has improved, including the dreaded belly which seemed to never go away no matter what exercising or weight loss I did. If you do a lot of computer work I highly recommend this.

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