NOSH ChartingSystem version 1.3 released!

The NOSH ChartingSystem v1.3 was released on December 27th and is available for download via Launchpad at More details about the project are available at

These are the following new features and bugfixes:
* Fixed – Schedule – Thursday provider exception spelling error.
* Fixed – Schedule – Friday all day off does not create closed repeated schedule.
* Fixed – Schedule – Assistant and billing unable to schedule patients.
* Fixed – Schedule – Visits types are just inactivated, not deleted or edited, so that it won’t screw up schedule.
* Fixed – Install – Installation bugs and Ubuntu Package files fixed.
* Fixed – Messaging – Improved reliability of internal messaging engine.
* New Feature – Ability to click on any part of the grid header bar (Encounters, Issues, etc.) to minimize and maximize the Grid
* New Feature – HPI and ROS converted to new template framework, allowing future templates to be added in future releases.
* New Feature – Notify patient of new message in portal.
* New Feature – Installed some standard CPT codes in standard install (no charges).
* New Feature – New update system framework.
* New Feature – New email framework (CI based, SSMTP no longer needed).
* New Feature – New reminder, fax, and backup engines (CI based).
* New Feature – Message to provider is sent when a patient message (used to be called Telephone Messages)is generated by assistant
* New Feature – Ability to export internal messages to patient messages.

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