GNUmed 1.3.0 released

Hello all,

I am glad to be able to announce the immediate availability
of the GNUmed “御目出度う御座います” Feature Release !
Downloads available from:

Client installation:

Easily installable packages for your platform of choice
will be available shortly.

Meanwhile you can run the client from a downloaded tarball
or use the net based client installer:…

which you need to download, make executable, and run.

More information available here:…

Database installation / upgrade:

Note that this release, as usual, DOES require a database
upgrade from v17 to v18 if you already have a database and
wish to retain the patient data you documented therein. For
uprading you can use the script provided in the tarball:

…/server/bootstrap/ 17 18

Alternatively, you can use the network upgrader:…

which you need to download, make executable and run.

If you wish to install a fresh database (without upgrading
an existing one) you can use the install script:


or, again, the network based installer:…

Note that both ways WILL DELETE existing databases !

More information on installation or upgrading is found here:……


NEW: visualize the EMR using TheTimelineProject
NEW: placeholder $$
NEW: DEGAM UTI 2012 guideline
NEW: status line in each edit area
NEW: Xe(La)TeX based forms engine
NEW: plain text based/generic postprocessing forms engine
NEW: placeholder $$ operating on keyword expansions
NEW: encryptable placeholder $$
NEW: look for installed plugins list in config files, too
NEW: medical staff vs non-medical staff permissions handling
NEW: generic gmTextCtrl supporting keyword expansion macros
NEW: current substances grid: generate Rx either from DB or from form template
NEW: GVK-Rezept prescription template (darf in D nicht verwendet werden)
NEW: revamped measurements handling including test panels
NEW: placeholder $$, selecting SOAP via issues list
NEW: placeholder $$, selecting SOAP via episodes list
NEW: progress notes can now be created from EMR tree
NEW: score: Bird Criteria for Polymyalgia rheumatica
NEW: score: prediction of bacterial conjunctivitis
NEW: placeholder $$, include/export documents
NEW: list placeholders from within client
NEW: show (e)GFR in substance intake EA
NEW: placeholder $$, selecting test results from list
NEW: Epworth Sleepiness Scale
NEW: placeholder $$ for messages with due date

IMPROVED: document tree: better labels, tooltips added
IMPROVED: measurement EA: show most recent value of test type
IMPROVED: measurement EA: plot adjacent results upon saving
IMPROVED: support a comment on bills
IMPROVED: EMR tree: load data when expanding nodes
IMPROVED: vaccinations list: print vaccinations via template
IMPROVED: better dynamic text expansion dialog
IMPROVED: drug component PRW: disambiguate which drug will be picked
IMPROVED: waiting list: filter by active patient
IMPROVED: report generator: be smarter about patient ID columns
IMPROVED: patient overview: display last modified of occupation
IMPROVED: substances grid: show preparation of items
IMPROVED: placeholder $$ can let user select entries
IMPROVED: measurements grid labels
IMPROVED: (Xe)(La)TeX forms engine recursively substitutes placeholders
IMPROVED: address: street/subunit level comment can now be removed
IMPROVED: do not loose has_allergy=True on merging patients
IMPROVED: health issue EA: safer workflow
IMPROVED: SOAP plugin: improved selection of most-recent information
IMPROVED: EMR tree browser: display entire EMR as journal
IMPROVED: placeholder handler: always properly escape data based on target form engine
IMPROVED: depreciate gmNotebookedProgressNoteInputPlugin from “GNUmed Default” workplace
IMPROVED: EMR Journal: order grouped by encounter or order by last modified of items
IMPROVED: SimpleSoap plugin: enable keyword based text expansions
IMPROVED: patient overview: show comment on contact in tooltip
IMPROVED: waiting list entry double-click workflow [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: database translation contribution code
IMPROVED: login dialog help text [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: patient searcher logic [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: non-overdue recalls display in patient overview
IMPROVED: provider inbox: much improved workflow


IMRPOVED: add missing PKs to cfg.cfg_* tables for Bucardo use [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: include PK columns in schema version check

Please download, install, and report problems !


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