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OpenEMR intro
OpenEMR is ONC-ATB Ambulatory EHR 2011-2012 certified electronic medical records software with scheduling, prescription, billing and security modules. It’s free open source software (FOSS), which makes it user customizable. It is installed either on a single machine acting as a web-server in an office or on a hosted server.

Either way users access OpenEMR thru a web browser. Patient and visit information is stored in a database and accessible for reporting.
OpenEMR is a mature electronic health record system. It can track patient demographics, vitals, immunizations, medications, prescriptions, conditions, risk factors, visit clinical notes, and user specified variables. The real strengths of the program are its’ affordability, extensive user and support base, translation features, CCHIT certification and ability for users to customize.

Open EMR Features
 Patient Demographics
• Patient Insurance – Up to 5
• Patient and Insurance Balance on dash board
• SSN Validation
• Insurance eligibility verification (Availity)
• Past Medical history/Issues/Medical Problem/Medication capturing
• Patient Vitals storage

 Encounter(Patient Visits)
• Specialty forms
• Highly configured template based forms for all specialty
• Previous encounter data flow
• Lock, co-sign and addendum encounters
• Associate Medical problems for patient visits
• Associate patient issues uniquely to insurance company in patient level
• Ability to send patient forms by fax to referral doctors
• SOAPB Form
• CCD supported (Continuity of Care Document)
• CCR supported (Continuity of Care Record)
• RXNROM / SNOMED Available

 Billing
• Claims supported with OfficeAlly and Zirmed,and Availity
• Automatic Fee sheet creation with pre-configured ICD, CPT, rendering and supervising provider
• Billing Manager
• HCFA claims supported
• ERA(835) support
• Payment Gateways (Authorize.NET, Intrix)
• Patient Statements(EOB)
• Posting payments from insurance company
• Credit Card Swipe feature
• Email Receipt to patient
• ICD-10 supported

 Patient Portal & Registration
• Patient Self Registration
• Patient Benefits tracking
• Patient ledger
• Patient payment on portal
• Patient Appt request on portal
• Patient Appointment(reservation) card
• Physician reminder
• Calendar integration-Google/Yahoo/Caldav
• Email reservation card to Patient/Provider

 Reports
• Cancel No show report
• Management Summary Report
• Financial reports
• Patient visits report
• AR reports
• Immunization report
• AMC/CQM Reports

 Misc
• Communication module Phone Call(Twilio), SMS, Email, Fax(Ring central)
• On-demand Calls to patient – Group vs. Individuals
• Campaign Calls/SMS/E-Mail
• SMS/Voice call through batch communication tool
• Patient/Physician E-Signature
• Address Book
• Patient education materials
• User level Data Backup at any time
• Role based user access

 Lab Interface With Labcorp, Quest

 E-prescription with Newcrop, Allscript, Drfirst

 Internationalization

• Highly configurable to support any language

OpenEMR User Type
The client server design, allows different users access to the same patient data in real time. Functionally this allows the distribution of tasks. So a receptionist might enter the demographics, a medical assistant the vitals and a provider the encounter information.
Role Tasks
Reception/Front desk Create patient record, Demographics, appointment setting
Assistant/Clinician Enter vitals, history, immunizations, allergies , meds, risk factors
Physician Clinical visit, Assessment, Plan, Referrals
Accounting Fee sheet verification, Claims generation ,ERA and manual posting ,AR reports
Administrator Manage users, Practice maintenance ,Administration

Hardware & software requirements:

A local installation of the system would not require any cable/dsl internet access to run OpenEMR. Computers specified here are off the shelf desktops or laptops. RAM memory required is minimal (1GB) and hard drives sizes are not important for the workstations, because the processing and data storage is done on the web server (internal or hosted). Each computer will need a monitor, keyboard, mouse and a 10/100 Gigabit Ethernet LAN capability. (Either a built-in RJ-45 port or NIC card). To simplify all computers should have the same operating systems (Windows- XP, Vista, Win7), and have Mozilla Firefox browser software.

A user on a typical local web server would access OpenEMR with: http://localhost/openemr. An example of using an external hosted web server: Enter that address into a browser window and a real OpenEMR pops up

Web server. (1-Administrator/office in secure area)
Should be most capable computer (2GB RAM, 200GB storage+, dual processor) ideally web server would have redundant hard drives (RAID 1). (External hosting means local web server and router not necessary but cable /DSL then mandatory).
• Apache/MySQL/PHP software package (XAMPP,LAMP,MAMP),
• Windows Operating system software (e.g., XP, Vista, Win 7,8)

Workstations (4 Receptionist, medical assistant, 2-provider)
• Windows Operating system software (e.g., XP, Vista, Win 7,8),
• Web browser software (Mozilla Firefox, other standard browsers),
Router. (Hardware- 5 port & cat 5/6 cables to connect each computer to the router. Need to be able to assign static addresses, & have configurable firewall for security).

Cloud-Based OpenEMR
When you use cloud based servers you need to setup a workstation (PC/IPad) with average internet connection only.
CapMinds offer free HIPAA Compliant cloud-based OpenEMR that is hosted on Amazon cloud servers that is used by leading hospitals/Non Profitable clinic/Low income clinics across the nation.

Backup System.
Data backed up every day on a dedicated Amazon Linux server
About the Vendor
CapMinds is a healthcare technology company offer services in OpenEMR, Electronic Health records, Practice Management and Medical Billing. Our technology skills along with healthcare expertise provide quality and cost effective solutions.
• OpenEMR Services: Consulting, Customization, Deployment, Training, Support and meaningful use certification and data migration from your previous EHR/EMR.
• OpenEMR platform specialization: Expertise in development of advanced specialized modules -for Physiotherapist, Mental Health and so on.
• Medical Billing: Consulting and Medical Billing services to Physiotherapist, Surgeons, Podiatrists, Family Practices, Chiropractors, and so on.
• Year Founded: 2008
• Location: United States
• Contact : +1-571-213-3245
• E-mail :
• Web :

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