Debian-Med: Project Status

Andreas Tille has a status report on the Debian-Med project a Linux distribution for medicine and medical applications. The full text of the announcement is within.


  • (Main News) Website is now inside the official Debian hierarchy and it is translated completely into German. (Well completely means there is a German equivalent for each English sentence but I’m no real expert on the field of medicine and it would be really necessary to check the tranlations carefully.)


  • Split research.html into research and microbio.
  • Adds bugsx and emboss to microbio.
  • Found a veterinary practice management system: FreeVet.
    Unfortunately this project seems to be dead but I hope someone
    reading this will step in.

  • New Metapackages: med-imaging and med-imaging-dev.
    Added bugsx to med-bio.
    New version of resmed-doc package.


  • Entry in “Brave GNU world” columne of Linux Magazin.
  • Talk about Debian-Med at the Linuxtag in Magdeburg (Germany)
  • Logo. I would love it if someone could take over the organisation
    of a logo contest – this is not one of my best fields.

    Kind regards


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