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OIO Bursts Onto The Scene

There’s a new kid in town that is currently burning up listserv airways at www.openhealth.org and FreePM.org Open Infrastructure for Outcomes (OIO) is a Zope based ‘…way to share the “tools” used to collect and analyze data while allowing individual investigators/clinicians to have full control over their data. No agreement to share anything or give anything to anyone else is required. Hence to
term “Open” applies to the infrastructure – not data…’
OIO also has a
CVS repository on sourceforge. Project developer Andrew Po-Jung Ho writes: ‘The OIO has been in production at Harbor-UCLA
Medical Center in clinical/research projects for about 6 months. It was released to the public just a few days ago. Brian Bray was
just telling me how his DocScope and OIO
have very similar aims. We may be able to work
together to advance these common aims…’
Other synergies with other projects seem possible as well.