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DigitalCoast: What’s Next for Epocrates?

DigitalCoast has an extensive article on the origins of ePocrates, the successful free prescription drug database for Palm. ePocrates is getting into other follow-on applications like e-prescriptions but surprise, surprise, they may not be free: ‘…In February, ePocrates began a small rollout of its own electronic prescription writing application. Working in conjunction with PBM Advance PCS, it has developed software that allows doctors to electronically renew prescriptions via their handheld devices. Each time a prescription is renewed, ePocrates will collect a transaction fee ranging from 25 cents to $1. Snyder said the product should be available on a larger scale by the year’s end…’ Seems kind of steep to me, but they are in a position to exploit their market position. The article is a good read for those interested in how they made the original ePocrates successful.