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Guatemalan Hospital to Run Linux

Last Updated: 6/14/00: This whole article appeared on LinuxNews.com here after it was edited and pictures added by Michelle Head of LinuxNews.com You can read the final installment Day 14: On the Wings of Victory and the entire travelog in the forum section by clicking Read Me…and scrolling down.

Cheerio friends, it is travel time. I’m off to Antigua, Guatemala where I will be installing a RedHat Linux based hospital network in Antigua’s all-volunteer Hermano Pedro hospital, traveling with a missionary medicine group Faith in Practice. Former Whataburger computers running OS/2 gave up their souls to run the network which was built in my house and shipped down last week. I’m
planning on running Freemed and will give a trip report upon my return (unless I ‘go native’) in two weeks. I may be off the net for awhile, however, cutting edge, high-tech www.LinuxMedNews.com can be remotely administered so if there is a way, I’ll get to it. Meanwhile, Captain Fantastic will be stepping in for me if
I crash and burn over the Gulf of Mexico. If any funny stuff appears on LMN, it is him not me.

All the best, may medicine be freed of its bondage through open source!