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Sun’s open desktop client as hospital terminals?

Many applications used to access medical
records and lab results are now web based.
This removes the need to have expensive, less-reliable and less-secure
MS clients to access information. An open source, low
cost, reliable client that is backed by a big
player is may be whats required.
Can the new Sun Open desktop fit the bill?
This lwn.net article states: “Combining world-class Java Card authentication with an open source desktop software stack and off-the-shelf hardware, we can deliver military-grade security with profound savings in acquisition and operational costs…”

“The new solution brings together off-the-shelf hardware, open-source software and Sun’s own industry-leading intellectual property. These include low-cost desktop systems hardware and several open source software efforts, namely Linux, Mozilla, OpenOffice, Evolution and GNOME.”

“The total system solution is expected to be available in 2003 with prototype systems available soon at Sun’s worldwide iForce centers. “We want customers, ISVs, OEMs and channel partners to have the conversation with us about how much they can save and facilitate their migration to this much needed alternative environment,” said Schwartz.”