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OIO integrates R for statistics, translated to German and Italian

With the release of OIO-1.0.8, clinicians and researchers can design web-forms, author clinical/research
workflows, schedule events, and generate reports that include
statistical routines from R (www.R-Project.Org) all through the web-browser.

With the new LiveOIO CD distribution (remastered from Knoppix), it is a self-contained, bootable system
that includes all components (R, PostgreSQL, Zope, Linux etc). This is
the fastest way to try the OIO system and also to install it. It even
includes German and Italian translations for the menues.

  • Brief Summary with Screenshots
  • Download of LiveOIO iso image and OIO source code are available under the
    GPL free software license (http://www.TxOutcome.Org).

    As always, feedback and comments are sincerely invited.