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Switching to Open Source and Smart,Thin Clients

Interesting article in the March 10th issue of Enterprise Linux News about a medical center moving from proprietary systems to open source. Here is a link to the article. ‘…”I felt trapped by [Microsoft’s] design decisions,” he said. Unfortunately, Nath ran into a roadblock. “I wanted to move to a non-Microsoft environment, but I found that our EMR product was not cross-platform and only worked on Microsoft platforms,” he said. Extensive research followed. Nath quickly settled on the Fedora Core 3 operating system for his single-server operation. Then, he looked at a number of free EMR products, including FreeMED, Gnumed, SQL Clinic, VistA and OpenEMR. OpenEMR best fit CT NeuroCare’s needs, Nath determined. It’s a free, open source practice management EMR program for patient scheduling and demographics, as well as for prescription writing and delivery via e-mail or print. Bundled into OpenEMR is phpMyAdmin, a reporting and MySQL administration tool…’ Editor: This could be the first time I’ve seen the above free open source electronic medical record projects all mentioned in the same article outside of Linux Medical News. Progress!