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openEHR RELEASE 1.0.1

The result of 14 months’ review, implementation and testing, this
release is a major milestone, correcting and improving the openEHR
Release 1.x platform. We believe Release 1.0.1 to be a stable base for
ongoing implementation and forthcoming specifications, including the
Template Model, EHR Extract, Security, Archetype Query Language, CEN
EN13606 integration and services (in cooperation with the HL7/OMG HSSP
project). It also provides a foundation for tools and systems for the
development and governance of clinical models, including openEHR
archetypes, templates and terminology subsets.
Together this forms the “openEHR Health Computing Platform”, as shown on
the diagram on the openEHR home page. Please see the links on the home
page for the release notes, specifications, online UML and XML-schemas
corresponding to this release.

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