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OS Medical Software Gaining Ground in Canada

OSCAR is gaining ground across Canada and internationally according to “this article”:http://www.itbusiness.ca/index.asp?theaction=61&lid=1&sid=54474&adBanner=eGovernment in ITBusiness.ca.

“OSCAR”:http://www.oscarhome.org is now providing pooled data to physicians across the internet to improve patient care by giving them access to treatment records of patients with the same or similar symptoms.

From the article:
OSCAR�s trove of patient data is recognized only by a unique patient ID called a “research study identifier,” explained Chan. No other identifiable information is attached to the clinical record, he said, and there is a proprietary encryption box to protect the transport of data over a secure network.

A recent report by an OSCAR working group acknowledged that “most of the provided OSCAR tools were not built with security in mind.”

Congrats to Dr. Chan and crew for their success.